• Digital TV, Antenna & PayTV Cabling

Plasma and LCD Digital TV Installation


With the days of old bulky televisions coming to an end — it is becoming more common to see Plasma’s and LCD Screen’s mounted on the wall. New style screens are slimmer than ever and are actually becoming more of a distinguishing feature in the home.

With access to a range of brackets to suit all makes and models, BiGMiG Entertainment offers a package deal to hang and install your TV screen with hidden cabling included as part of the service. We can supply a range of cables and wall plates to ensure your job is professionally finished and not just given the handyman approach as is usually the case.

Digital TV reception…

Digital TV Antenna Installation
Most homes in Canberra need a roof top TV antenna to receive adequate digital TV signals / reception — your TV should be clear and working properly all day — everyday — if it’s not, give us a call and make an appointment today.

BiGMiG Entertainment can supply, deliver and set-up any combination with access to all major brands with full manufacturers warranty, at very competitive prices.

With years of experience in terrestrial and satellite services, BiGMiG Entertainment can troubleshoot quickly, and repair as necessary, any existing television setup in order to receive great digital TV reception!

Where do all these cables go and how do I use all this new equipment?

You may not be interested in hanging your screen on the wall, but still require help with the set-up and installation side of it — not a problem, give us a call and we will schedule a visit from one of our fully trained experts.

Nearly all homes have access to some form of PayTV services in the main living area. BiGMiG Entertainment offers a range of solutions to access these and other services on all televisions in your home – not just the one in your living room! We can also help you relocate or add additional TV outlets if you decide to change your home around.

We will set your equipment up so that it’s as easy as possible to use and even train you how to use it. For really difficult setups we also offer a range of programmable remote controls to make things even simpler.