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Home Theatre and Projector Installations

Home theatre and projector installation

We appreciate that not all homes have the luxury of a dedicated ‘home theatre room’ and through years of experience have seen what does and doesn’t work when this is the case. Flush mount speakers can save space and many sound the same, if not better than traditional floor standing speakers.

BiGMiG Entertainment can advise you on home theatre equipment, home theatre cabling and home theatre installation requirements and can even supply all levels of home theatre equipment directly to you.

Home theatre is naturally an area where you pay for what you get — but how do you know what you are getting is exactly what you want with so many choices available today? It’s simple — you need to talk to us because we’ve already tried it, done it, and seen what works! We’ve even put some packages together, so no matter what your budget — we’ve more than likely already prepared a home theatre solution for you. (Ask us about our Home Theatre Package Deals!)

Ceiling Mounted TV

Should you be afforded the luxury of a dedicated ‘home theatre‘ room we can make it something special for you. With sound-proofing, lighting control, motorized curtains, tiered seating, and cinema style seating we can create a really special effect for you and your guests. Whatever your budget, the sky is the limit…

  • Do you already have a home theatre set-up but need help fine tuning it?
  • Would a fully programmed remote control make it easier for others to use?
  • Do you want to add something new?
  • Perhaps link to your PC to allow content streaming or on-line gaming?

No job is too big or too small, no question is too hard or silly … try us, if we don’t know we’ll know who to call to get the answer…