• Multi Room Entertainment

Whatever your budget, whatever your ideas — we can find a solution for you!

Structured cabling - multi room audio visualPossibly the most valuable addition to any home is the ability to pipe music where-ever, when-ever you want. Share the same music source between rooms with independent volume control, or with a slightly more sophisticated system choose a different source for each and every room.

The days of having the stereo blaring in the lounge room in order to hear your favourite tunes in the back yard are gone. Imagine having music playing at an acceptable level no matter where you choose to do the entertaining in your home.

Eliminate the need for big bulky speakers with discrete in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers. You may also decide to enhance your alfresco or bbq area by adding some outdoor or wall-mounted weather proof speakers. Rock shaped speakers may be incorporated in your garden to extend your listening pleasure, or perhaps some speakers around your pool will make your swim more enjoyable?

Multi room audio visualMarine speakers work well in wet areas such as your ensuite or bathroom, great for listening to the radio as you prepare yourself for the busy day ahead, that traffic report might make all the difference if you are rushing to get to work on time.

Rack mounting all your audio visual equipment, not only keeps it clean and tidy, and out of reach of little fingers, but also gives you the choice of housing it in a locked cupboard. With infra-red transmitters you can use your equipment as if it were in the same room as you.