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You may be thinking wireless is the way to go here, but have you considered the security implications of running all your personal transactions over a wireless network? Have you considered the impact of certain building materials and potential ‘black spots’ that may be created during the construction of your home?

For these and other various reasons we recommend you still run at least some form of structured cabling and we recommend you talk to us, and not your electrician, about these important features of your home.

Data and structured network cabling is not just about one computer talking to another. It’s more about gaining the best possible performance from all your devices without duplication or the need for unnecessary equipment.

  • One modem, one router or switch, one printer?
  • On-line gaming for your PS3, X-box or other game console?
  • Access to online shopping, through a touch screen on the fridge door?
  • TV’s or set-top boxes that allow you access to additional functions over the internet and more….

If things work properly life becomes much easier…

Hills Home Hub 400 - structured cabling for a smart wired home

Data cabling is as important as electrical cabling in your home.

With more devices requiring internet access than ever before and tv’s with internet based programming guides being a good example, data cabling is becoming more prominent in homes.

While BiGMiG Entertainment offers new builders a ‘whole home’ solution at the time of construction, we also cater for the customer that just wants to add one or two data outlets to their existing home.

When it is done right, you should need a minimum of equipment. One printer, one modem or switch, one entry point and most importantly one line rental or phone account per household.

Solutions for small business are also available.

Dave holds a Cert IV in Telecommunications and holds a current Master Cabler’s License, which means he is qualified to work on the Foxtel, Telstra and Transact platforms.